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1D Breakup

Fans across the world are distraught over the news that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction.

So I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Zayn Malik is officially out of 1D. After announcing his departure from the popular U.K. boy-band a couple days ago, it seems like the most talked-about thing on social media right now. (I know what it’s like. I experienced similar feelings when the Jonas Brothers broke up a few years ago. But I’m over it now)

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards were last night, and after hearing Nick Jonas’ comment about the 1D “breakup” (is that the right term to call it?), I thought I’d share my opinion about the whole situation.

Setting: March 28th, 2015. At the 2015 Kids Choice choice awards logo

Nick Jonas opened the awards by saying something along the lines of: It was a tough week. A lot of girls are struggling after One Direction became Two Directions.

nick jonas at kcas 2015 1D

Nick Jonas opened the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards by commenting about the One Direction breakup, saying that the band had gone in “Two Directions.”

Not surprisingly, the majority of Directioners are freaking out over Nick’s comment.
Why? I don’t know. And honestly, at this point, I think they (the majority of the fans) are just blowing it out of proportion.
The news was made official a few days ago, guys. Zayn has left the band. He may or may not release some music as a solo artist. Can everyone just accept this fact already? Because I know I have.

It’s happened to several bands other than 1D in the past. The Beatles. N*SYNC. Backstreet Boys. The Jonas Brothers.
So when will the majority of the fans finally stop crying about this? When will they learn to take a hint from Frozen and, in the words of Idina Menzel, just “Let It Go“?

The moral of this story is: Life doesn’t revolve around boy-bands. And just because someone left a hugely successful band, doesn’t mean the world is gonna end. You’ll still hear music from 1D… just as a four-piece band. They’ve even confirmed it on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.49.59 AM

Honestly, I respect Zayn’s decision to leave the band. I understand how crazy it must’ve been, seeing that 1D is one of the most popular bands in the world (at this time). And I totally feel for all the fans who are sad right now, I know what you’re going through (if you’re a Directioner reading this post).

(And just wait a few months. From what I’ve heard so far, I think Zayn will probably release a new song that will be as popular as “Jealous” (the song that made Nick Jonas famous again), so you might be hearing his music on the radio. I don’t know for sure, this is just a theory)

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