Have You Heard Nick Jonas’ Version of “Only One”?

If you asked me if I like Kanye West’s new song “Only One,” I would say yes. I really like the lyrics, and it features MUSIC LEGEND PAUL MCCARTNEY! It’s just a great song.

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Now, if you asked me who I’d love to have cover the previously-mentioned song, there’s no doubt I would say Nick Jonas. Especially now that I’ve heard the song, and it’s totally perfect.

Yes, Nick Jonas covered a Kanye West song.

The former Disney star (who has taken over the Top 40 Radio charts with his hit single, “Jealous“) released the cover to SoundCloud earlier this week (What?! Why not release it to iTunes instead???), and posted the following on his Twitter account:

I have to admit I fan-girled (and by fangirled, I mean I was literally CRYING) when he announced that he had covered “Only One“. I only had to listen to it once before declaring it my favorite song of February 2015 (and it has been on repeat ever since).

Nick has been reinventing his sound since the Jonas Brothers split in 2013, and after his new music received such positive reviews, I knew this song was going to be good. His version of Kanye’s ballad is more acoustic and soulful… and– like his latest album, released in November 2014– definitely has some R&B influences. He has an amazing voice, and I think this song does a great job at showcasing his talent.

What do you think of Nick Jonas’ version of “Only One“? Whose version of the song do you like best: Kanye West’s original version or Nick’s cover? Let us know in the comments!

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