Music Review: “Cake By The Ocean” (CD Single)

If someone asked me who I thought performed this song after hearing it for the first time, I probably would’ve guessed Maroon 5.

I would’ve never guessed that one of the Jonas Brothers wrote it.

Calling themselves “your new favorite band,” the alternative pop-rock group DNCE is already charting on the Billboard Hot 100 with their debut single. Released last September via Republic Records, “Cake By The Ocean” is a track that no one expected. It’s fun, upbeat, and different from most other pop songs out there!

In fact, it’s become so extremely popular that even the Canadian television channel Global Television Network has used it in their promos.

The song was written by Joe Jonas (lead singer of DNCE) and Justin Tranter; with production handled by Swedish producers Mattman and Robin. In an interview, Jonas said that the song was created when Mattman and Robin kept misunderstanding a common phrase… mistakenly translating it to, the song’s title, “cake by the ocean.” And the rest is history.

Although I wasn’t a huge fan upon first listen, the song has grown on me over time– and it’s now on my Spring Playlist for this year. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on to become the unofficial song of the summer, joining songs such as Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” and Marianas Trench’s “Pop 101!”

This band actually draws comparisons to Maroon 5 on so many levels. ┬ásounds a lot like M5’s “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt“; and Jonas reminds me of Adam Levine– especially with the falsetto throughout the 3-minute-38-second song. As I didn’t really like his 2011 solo album “Fastlife,” I’m actually impressed by his new project

I think DNCE really has the potential to become famous this year, and I’m giving their debut single 4/5 stars.

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