Music Review: “Look What You Made Me Do” (CD Single)

Here at A Kid’s Point of View, I respect everyone’s opinions… including those who like Taylor Swift… but I’ve got to be honest.

Her new song “Look What You Made Me Do,” from her upcoming sixth album “reputation,” is making me wonder WHAT IN THE WORLD has music become?! While the song sort of has potential with its dark, indie-pop vibe– what really turned me off was the repetitive, over-produced, and sort of monotonous chorus that reminds me of pretty much everything on Top 40 radio these days. Having listened to her music since 2008, I know Taylor is more talented than that (for example, “Out of the Woods” from her last album).

I’ve always wondered why I gravitate towards the throwback music from the 90’s-early 2000’s– no matter how much new music is released– and now I think I understand why.

Here’s the link to the song on YouTube, and I want to know your thoughts!

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