Throwback Thursday: My Top 12 Favorite Songs from the 90’s-early 2000’s.

Remember– in my first post since my hiatus– I promised I would do some throwback posts? Well I always keep my promises, and I’m super excited to do this series! THROWBACK THURSDAY!

Basically, what’s going to happen is: every Thursday, I’m going to share some of my favorite things from the late 90’s-early 2000’s… be it TV shows, music (like in this post), and fashion.

Throughout this series, I’ll be sharing links so you can buy whatever is mentioned in the post (for example, I’ll be sharing links to the CDs/digital downloads of each song or album in today’s post). If you click on these links and buy the music that’s promoted in this post, I’ll make some money– which will keep A Kid’s Point of View (and any other business ventures that I have) going 🙂

So, without further ado, here are my Top 12 favorite songs from the 90’s-early 2000’s (in no particular order)!

12.”Bye Bye Bye” – NSYNC (2000)

I think every 90’s kid loves this song… or they at least know all the words! And in my opinion, it’s probably one of the best (and most straightforward) breakup songs there is. (This is kind of off topic, but Joel Smallbone– of the Christian alternative-rock duo For KING & COUNTRY– did an impromptu cover of this song during a radio interview a few months ago, complete with the choreography and everything!)

11. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” – Backstreet Boys (1997)

Oh my gosh, so many memories are associated with this song! I remember one time in music class last year, it was the end of the school day, so my teacher played this song and we had an impromptu jam session to it! LOL! Like “Bye Bye Bye,” this is another of those classic 90’s songs that everyone seems to love. The only thing I’ll never totally understand is the music video…?

10. “Survivor” – Destiny’s Child (2001)

There are a few reasons why I like this song… the rock vibe, the inspirational lyrics, not to mention the harmonies and amazing vocals from the band.

9. “Leave (Get Out)” – JoJo (2004)

A classic! This is the song that helped propel Joanna “JoJo” Levesque– who was just 13 at the time– to stardom. Her first two albums are now hard-to-find (due to a conflict with her then-record label, Blackground Records)– however, this song is still one of my favorites from the early 2000’s. JoJo is currently signed to Atlantic Records, and her third studio album Mad Love. was released last year.

8. “Genuine” – Stacie Orrico (2000)

This song (and the whole album) is your typical 90’s Christian music. Very upbeat, positive lyrics, and a music video that was clearly inspired by Destiny’s Child. But although it’s been almost two decades since this song was released, I still love it.

7. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” – Jonas Brothers (2006)

It’s from the 90’s-early 2000’s, so of course I had to put a song by the JoBros on this list! Their version of the classic song from The Little Mermaid was released in 2006 as part of a promotional album for the movie’s re-release– and it was one of the first songs I heard from the band. I wouldn’t listen to it now– it’s a bit too punk-rock for my music tastes– but as a kid, I loved it!

6. “Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson (2004)

Some of my earliest memories involve me watching the music video for this song on TV for the first time, and becoming obsessed with it. When my parents bought me my first stereo when I was around 5 or 6, they also bought me a few CDs… the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack, Raven-Symone’s This is My Time, Hilary Duff’s 2004 self-titled album, and Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson (Don’t ask me how I remember all of this!). In other words, “Breakaway” was one of my favorite songs as a kid– and still is to this day.

5. “Live For You” – Rachael Lampa (2000)

I wrote about Rachael Lampa earlier this week when I reviewed her collaboration with love+war. And although she may seem like a fairly new artist, she’s actually been recording music since the early 2000’s! This song, from her 2000 debut album of the same name, was released when she was just 15– and it’s still a favorite in Christian music.

4. “Fantasy” – Mariah Carey (1995)

I actually have the entire Daydream album on cassette. My dad recently gave me one of his Walkmans and a bunch of cassette tapes– including this one. And while I may not like Mariah Carey’s new music, I’ve got to admit her older music is actually really good! “Fantasy” is a song that constantly gets stuck in my head!

3. “Girl Power” – the Cheetah Girls (2003)

Okay… I know this is pretty much defined as a kid’s song– Google even categorizes it as ‘children’s music’. And although I no longer like the Cheetah Girls, some of their songs were pretty good for being associated with Disney. “Girl Power,” in particular, is one of those anthems of empowerment that you can’t help but love. As a kid, this was one of my favorite songs– and it’s easy to see why.

2. “Fly” – Hilary Duff (2004)

One trend I’ve been noticing in the late 90’s-early 2000’s is that the music was inspirational! For example, “Fly”– the opening track from Hilary Duff’s 2004 self-titled album, encourages listeners to take chances because you never know what could happen.

1. “This is My Time” – Raven-Symone (2004)

The last song on my list, “This is My Time,” wasn’t released as a single from Raven’s 2004 album of the same name, but it was featured in The Princess Diaries 2 (the same movie which, I believe, “Breakaway” was featured in as well). It’s yet another motivational anthem that encourages listeners to speak their minds and not be afraid to be themselves. Now that I’ve written a paragraph about this song, I wish I still had the CD… LOL! 🙂

That’s my list of favorite songs from one of my favorite times: the late 90’s-early 2000’s (mostly the early 2000’s). I hope you enjoyed it! (And again, if you’re interested in buying any of the songs mentioned here, check out the links I’ve included in this post. I’m affiliated with Amazon, so I’ll make money if you buy from the links 🙂 )


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