January Favorites 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through January! Sorry I haven’t written anything since November… I was totally intending on writing a whole “Countdown to Christmas” post series throughout November/December, but life got crazy so I never got around to it.  But I’m back now, and will be writing more frequently on this blog from now on! 🙂

For my first blog post of the year, I’ve decided to write about my favorite things this month 🙂


• NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (in the shade Sandstorm)

• NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream (in the shade Retro Harmony)

• NYX #NoFilter Finishing Powder (in the shade Porcelain)

• L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner (in the shade 171 Blackest Black)

• NYX Dark Circle Concealer (Orange Pigment)



My style this month has been very… eclectic, to say the least. I’ve been experimenting with different styles and channeling a lot of 90’s fashion; things like graphic tees, choker necklaces, and distressed skinny jeans.



Please don’t judge me for saying this, but all the music on my Favorites list this month is from the 90’s-early 2000’s. I’ve written before about how– in my opinion– the music on the radio these days just isn’t the same (in terms of lyrical content/substance). With that being said, there is one new song on my list that really stands out.

• “Ain’t Easy” – Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

Although I didn’t know what to think of it when it first premiered, I’ve really been loving CTV’s new TV show The Launch. Created by Big Machine Records owner/producer Scott Borchetta, the concept of this show is so unique and different. I’ll be writing a full review of The Launch in the coming weeks, so I’ll just get to the point of why I love it so much: IT DEMONSTRATES THAT THERE IS STILL TALENT IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! The show airs Wednesday nights on CTV, but I just watched the latest episode last night and oh. my. goodness.  It’s safe to say that alternative pop/R&B duo, Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, might be one of my new favorite music acts. Jamie’s voice is insane; she has so much power and soul in her voice that all the judges were speechless! I loved the chemistry between Elijah and Jamie throughout the episode, and their rendition of “Ain’t Easy” (written by Ryan Tedder and Camila Cabello) is SO GOOD! It’s definitely ended up on my January 2018 Favorites playlist, and if they release an album I will buy it right away.

• “Middle of Nowhere” – Hanson

If you read my last post, then you probably already know that I love Hanson! They’re extremely talented musicians/songwriters, and I don’t understand why their music isn’t played on the radio anymore. Although I love all their music, their first album, 1997’s “Middle of Nowhere,” is one of my ultimate favorite releases. It has this classic pop-rock vibe that you hardly ever hear on the radio these days… the lyrics to all the songs are super meaningful… but I think the major selling point is the fact that Isaac, Taylor, and Zac were just kids when they released this album (at ages 16, 14, and 12, respectively). With songs like “Weird“, which talks about the true-to-life struggle of living in “a cookie-cutter world” where you don’t exactly stand out nor fit in… these are songs that you’d expect a team of songwriters to have penned. Even the first single, “Mmmbop,” has really deep lyrics about the meaning of life. It’s amazing that the Hanson brothers, at such young ages, wrote (or co-wrote) all the songs on this album! The talent is unreal, and it’s the reason why “Middle of Nowhere” is one of my favorite albums!


TV Shows

The Launch


Boy Meets World (I’ve been watching reruns of it on ABC Spark lately!)

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