Debut song “Something To Believe” available NOW!

After over a year of hard work and dedication towards music, I’m so excited to share my first official song with you! “Something To Believe” is available NOW!

This is a challenging time for everyone right now, and I know it can stir up a lot of emotions. For me, I was feeling anxious about everything that was going on, so– following the advice a fellow musician gave me at a benefit concert earlier this year– I picked up my guitar and wrote this song.

Even though it can really apply to anyone, I wrote “Something To Believe” from the perspective of the grade 12 students who won’t be crossing the stage to receive their diplomas this year. I remember my high-school graduation a few years ago and how excited I was for this big moment; it was certainly the highlight of my life at that time! So, I can only imagine how heartbroken these students must be feeling… they’ve waited all their lives for this moment, and now they won’t get that chance. And I hope that this song can somehow inspire them to keep trying; to keep reaching for the sky even when it seems like their dreams are not coming together. Because there is always a way.” <3

I wrote the song, played all the instruments, sang all vocals (including the background harmonies!), and mixed and engineered the tracks with co-producer Mattheus Brown.

“Something To Believe” is available for streaming and/or FREE DOWNLOAD on the following platforms:




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