My fantastic Easter gift

I recieved the most awesome thing with my Easter gift today. (stn, you have to read this) Okay. Is everyone ready? Great. It’s…….. drumroll……..The Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! My mom met up with the Easter Bunny yesterday and asked him if he could include the cd in the gift basket. There was […]

The thing about the Elmo doll

One of my friends has an Elmo doll and it can be really funny sometimes. Her mom is having a baby soon so my friend is giving it to the new baby. Here’s how she got the idea. Whenever she squeezes it, the doll talks. My friend said, “You are the most annoying toy ever […]

My Dogs (special post #2)

My dogs are very special to me 🙂  Their names are Scooby and Scrappy. They look like the dogs on the cartoon. They have some differences, though. Scooby looks like Scooby on the cartoon, but he has a shorter tail and he barks at everyone. Scrappy looks like Scrappy on the cartoon. I don’t think […]

My Cats (special post #1)

My cats are very special to me 🙂  Their names are Puffy, Misty, and Bootsie. All of my cats were rescued. Misty was an 8 month old, abandoned cat. My Dad noticed that she was hungry and fed her.  Once she was comfortable and trusted my Dad, Misty brought her babies over. My parents and […]

New Disney Releases

I have some great Disney releases to tell you about! (theatrical & in store) There’s this theatrical movie that you probably already know about. It’s called….. The Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience. You’ve probably seen the ad for it on Family Channel. Next, there’s another theatrical movie. It’s called Race to Witch Mountain. It stars […]

Awesome premiere last night – Sonny with a chance

There was an awesome Family Channel premiere last night. It’s called Sonny with a chance. I like the show because it stars Demi Lovato from Camp Rock. It was the best show in the entire world! My Dad watched the beginning and then left because he thought that Dolphin Boy was the star of the […]