Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘We Can’t Stop’

It seems like all the Disney (I mean… FORMER-Disney) stars have been making comebacks. I mean, Demi Lovato released her 4th album a couple weeks ago, the Jonas Brothers released ‘Pom Poms’ (that song about cheerleading…), and now, I just learned that Miley Cyrus is releasing a new song in just a few days! ‘We […]

Hannah Montana – Retiring?

Attention, Hannah Montana fans in the world. Hannah Montana¬†will be retiring. (pause for tearful HM fans) I know, it is very sad. My friend Savy555 (previously known as stn) told me that Hannah might be retiring, but I was okay. Hannah Montana is just a made-up TV character played by Miley Cyrus. I got this […]