Summer Style: Remembering JONAS L.A. (Thoughts from a once-obsessed JB fan)

Today marks the 4th year since JONAS L.A. premiered / went off the air simultaneously. I guess the Disney Channel wanted to make room for some of their newer shows (such as that one about the tech-savvy talking dog… what was it called again?). But why did they really cancel it? At a time where […]

Music Review: Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying (EP)

Music comes naturally to Sabrina Carpenter. At just fifteen, she stars on the hit Disney spinoff show Girl Meets World, she’s signed to Hollywood Records, and has recorded a four-song EP that would give an artist of any age a run for their money. This EP, Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying, was actually released […]

Music Review: “Take On The World” (CD Single)

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard the news; Disney Channel is coming out with a new show called “Girl Meets World”. OMG! It’s probably the best thing Disney Channel has come out with in a while. A spinoff to the popular 90’s show, Boy Meets World. While most Disney shows aren’t the greatest […]

Demi Lovato’s New Music Video: “Let It Go”

There’s a new Disney movie coming to theatres soon, called “Frozen”! And, as typical with Disney movies, a famous star usually records one or two songs for the soundtrack 🙂 This is exactly what Demi Lovato has done! She’s come back to where she started, as an actress/singer for Disney Channel, and recorded a new […]


This just in! The Jonas Brothers are finally reuniting! With the removal of ‘JONAS L.A.’ from the Family Channel schedule in June 2011, and both Joe and Nick embarking on solo careers, I thought that this generation would forget about the Jonas Brothers in, like, 2 years or something. It must be a dream. Someone […]


With my extensive collection of Jonas Brothers CDs (not really!) and 2 DVDs (Camp Rock and 3D Concert), I’m happy to say that JONAS is still my favourite TV series. Even though I’ve been asking for Disney Channel to keep it on the air, I’m happy to say that Family Channel Canada has picked up […]