DVD Review- TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Are you surprised that I’m reviewing TinkerBell? Probably not, considering I love the movies. I’ve seen countless ads for it on TV and finally, I bought the movie a couple days ago. And let me tell you, it was incredible. In the movie, Tink and her friends travel to the Mainland to transform Spring (my […]

Hannah Montana – Retiring?

Attention, Hannah Montana fans in the world. Hannah Montana will be retiring. (pause for tearful HM fans) I know, it is very sad. My friend Savy555 (previously known as stn) told me that Hannah might be retiring, but I was okay. Hannah Montana is just a made-up TV character played by Miley Cyrus. I got this […]

New Disney Releases

I have some great Disney releases to tell you about! (theatrical & in store) There’s this theatrical movie that you probably already know about. It’s called….. The Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience. You’ve probably seen the ad for it on Family Channel. Next, there’s another theatrical movie. It’s called Race to Witch Mountain. It stars […]

Awesome premiere last night – Sonny with a chance

There was an awesome Family Channel premiere last night. It’s called Sonny with a chance. I like the show because it stars Demi Lovato from Camp Rock. It was the best show in the entire world! My Dad watched the beginning and then left because he thought that Dolphin Boy was the star of the […]