Bethany Mota’s Debut Single, “Need You Right Now”

Exciting news for all Motavators! Bethany Mota is releasing her debut single in a matter of days! Yes, I did just say she’s releasing her debut single. The track, called “Need You Right Now,” is expected to be released this coming Monday, October 13th. Bethany will be collaborating with acapella music producer Mike Tompkins, and […]

Concert Review: Demi Lovato ‘World Tour’ at Rexall Place, Edmonton (Part 2 / 2)

(To read part 1, click here) I had the opportunity to see Demi Lovato in concert last Saturday, October 4th, and I had a great time! The opening acts were great, Demi’s performance was outstanding, and the stage show wasn’t half bad either! Since entering the music scene in 2007-2008, Demi has released 4 albums, […]

Concert Review: Demi Lovato ‘World Tour’ at Rexall Place, Edmonton (Part 1 / 2)

On October 4th, 2014, I was given an incredible opportunity… To see Demi Lovato in concert. Ok, so I know what you’re probably thinking; You SAW ANOTHER FAMOUS TEEN POP SENSATION IN CONCERT?!?!?! OMG, this girl is so lucky! She saw DEMI LOVATO in concert! And this is the third concert she’s blogged about! But […]