My Valentines Day Playlist 2014

Valentines Day is TOMORROW and I absolutely can’t wait! So I decided I would share my V-Day music playlist with you all. (In no particular order…) 1. “When You Look Me In The Eyes” -Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers (2007) 2.  “Today Was A Fairytale” -Taylor Swift Valentines Day soundtrack (2010) 3.  “This Kiss” -Carly Rae […]

Music Review: “Love Is Everything” (CD Single)

IT’S THE GREATEST TIME OF YEAR, AND IT’S HERE, SO LET’S CELEBRATE IT… Ok, I’m not gonna get into that one today. I already posted about it, so… yeah 😉 But it is the first of December today, which means CHRISTMAS is almost here! So today, I thought I’d do a review of yes, another […]

Music Review: “Acoustic Hearts of Winter”

A few years ago (all the way back in 2006), when Hannah Montana (err… MILEY CYRUS), the Jonas Brothers, and High School Musical were all the rage, there were a few artists who were… kinda underrated in the Disney scene. One of these artists/bands: two sisters named Aly and AJ. I remember when I was […]

Music Review: “Last Christmas” (CD Single)

Music artists love re-working holiday classics to make them their own, and Ariana Grande is no exception! The “Right There” singer/Nickelodeon star released the first of four Christmas songs last week, which will make up her Christmas EP that she’s been talking about on Twitter for the past few weeks. For the first single off […]

Fun Halloween Crafts

One of my favourite times of the year (next to Christmas, summer vacation, and my birthday) is Halloween. I just LOVE all the decorations out there, and of course, dressing up in costumes is a must! So, I decided to compile a list of Halloween crafts I found online. Throughout the month, it’s a possibility […]

Happy Earth Day

“Just a pebble in the water, can set the sea in motion. A simple act of kindness, can stir the widest ocean. If we show a little love, heaven knows what we could change. So throw a pebble in the water. And make a wave, make a wave” ♥ Happy Earth Day 🙂

The 12 Days Of Christmas (edited by me)

This is the song that I wrote during Christmas. On the first day of Christmas, my parents gave to me…a brand new TV On the 2nd day of Christmas, my parents gave to me….2 Jonas Brothers CDs, and a brand new TV On the 3rd day of Christmas, my parents gave to me…3 Strawberry Shortcake […]

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s that time of the year again… it’s time to do my annual Christmas post! This year, I am putting a Christmas picture on here, but it’s one that I actually drew myself! So…I hope that everyone has a rockin’ Christmas, and a safe and happy new year!