Introducing BURBON!

This is my puppy, Burbon. I know what you might be thinking: he’s pretty big for a puppy. But the reason I call him that is because he’s only 9 months old 🙂 My parents and I adopted him in May (when he was 6 months), and he’s become a big part of our family in […]

My Dogs (special post #2)

My dogs are very special to me 🙂  Their names are Scooby and Scrappy. They look like the dogs on the cartoon. They have some differences, though. Scooby looks like Scooby on the cartoon, but he has a shorter tail and he barks at everyone. Scrappy looks like Scrappy on the cartoon. I don’t think […]

My Cats (special post #1)

My cats are very special to me 🙂  Their names are Puffy, Misty, and Bootsie. All of my cats were rescued. Misty was an 8 month old, abandoned cat. My Dad noticed that she was hungry and fed her.  Once she was comfortable and trusted my Dad, Misty brought her babies over. My parents and […]