Music Review: A Very 1 Girl Nation Christmas (EP)

“I can’t even listen to this anymore. Your voices together, are just too amazing.” ~Gwen Stefani, talking about a Battle Rounds performance on Season 9 of The Voice. Although we may be slightly exaggerating, this was our reaction when we heard 1 Girl Nation’s Christmas track, The lead single off the teen pop group’s , […]

Music Review: “The Unmaking” (C.D. single)

On May 4th, Christian music veteran Nichole Nordeman released her “comeback single”, “The Unmaking.” It’s the first single off her latest album of the same name– the first album she’s released in almost 10 years. After releasing her 4th studio album, Brave, in 2005, Nordeman took some time away from the music business to spend […]

Music Review: Unseen [EP]

Life isn’t perfect. And sometimes we have all these crazy emotions that we want to talk about, but we can’t. Sometimes, these emotions and thoughts inside us turn into a tumbled mass of crazy words that we, ourselves, struggle to keep up with in our heads. Tayler Buono, a singer-songwriter from Orlando, Florida, knows what […]

Music Review: Nick Jonas

It’s a story that we’ve all heard before: a teenage boy-band reaches the peak of its career… only to fade away when one (or more) of the members decide to leave the group to pursue solo careers (like what happened to Emblem3 earlier this year). It happened to some of the greatest bands: *NSYNC, Backstreet […]

Music Review: “Silver Nights” (CD Single)

Sabrina Carpenter has done it again! The actress/singer has released a new holiday song, called “Silver Nights.” The track, which was released this Monday, is a festive country-pop anthem that’s perfect for getting into the holiday spirit! This actually isn’t the first holiday song the Girl Meets World star has released. Last year, she recorded […]

Music Review: “Need You Right Now” (CD Single)

Motavators, the time has come! Bethany Mota has released her debut single, “Need You Right Now,” featuring fellow YouTube sensation Mike Tompkins. But does the song really live up to all the hype? The EDM-influenced pop track is a good song. It’s catchy, upbeat, and a great new song for fall, but like all tracks, […]


For KING & COUNTRY are still relatively new to the CCM scene, but they’ve been tearing up the music charts for the past 2 years with their energetic and thought-provoking music. With hit singles like “The Proof of Your Love” and “Light It Up” being featured everywhere from 7-Up commercials to The Vampire Diaries, it’s […]

Music Review: “Jealous” (CD Single)

2014 has been a great year for new music! Artists such as Demi Lovato, Britt Nicole, and Owl City have announced that they’re recording and/or releasing new songs later this year. Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande have released their long-anticipated sophomore albums (X on June 25th and My Everything on August 22nd). And, like every […]