TV Review: Kingdom

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“You can take a fighter out of the fight… But you can’t take the fight out of the fighter.” This is just one of the inspirational quotes referenced in DirecTV’s successful MMA drama, Kingdom. The show, which premiered last October, received positive reviews and was renewed for two more seasons almost immediately. Season 2 is […]

TV Review: Rising Star

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Another summer means another round of summer programming. Reality shows like Amazing Race Canada often take the place of prime-time TV shows, like The Big Bang Theory, for example. Music-competition shows are often aired during this time. Sometimes, these shows are successful, but sometimes, they don’t make it past one season. Take the newest “contestant” […]

Strawberry Shortbread Saves The Earth: An “Awesome-Toys-That-We-Can’t-Make-Action-Movies-For” production

(Compared to her constant optimism in the totally annoying TV shows of the past, Ms. Shortbread shows a totally different side of her that we’ve never seen before.)     The commercial begins like all the other annoying SSC movies/TV shows ever known, but, just as Strawberry (played by UNKNOWN ACTRESS) and her BFF, Blueberry […]