A Kitty Tale

Once upon a time, there was a kitty named Lacey. She lived with her loving, kind mom Misty, and her totally adorable little sister Smoky. One day, at the YCS School For Cats, there was a new girl in class named Puffy. Even though Mr. Bootsie (their teacher) introduced her to the class, nobody sat […]

Sleepover Adventure

This is a story me and my friend, Savy wrote. Hope you like it! Once upon a time, there were 2 girls. Their names were Melissa and Katie. They were best friends ever since they were 2 years old. One day at school, Melissa told Katie that she would be having a sleepover. “Cool!” exclaimed […]

“Friendship” – A New Song

A little while ago, I was playing with my Ello toys in my room, and the idea for writing a new song for the band came into my head. After I was done practicing my piano, I tried writing the music for the song on the piano.  It is about me and one of my BFFs ever […]

The thing about the Elmo doll

One of my friends has an Elmo doll and it can be really funny sometimes. Her mom is having a baby soon so my friend is giving it to the new baby. Here’s how she got the idea. Whenever she squeezes it, the doll talks. My friend said, “You are the most annoying toy ever […]