Summer Style: Remembering JONAS L.A. (Thoughts from a once-obsessed JB fan)

Today marks the 4th year since JONAS L.A. premiered / went off the air simultaneously. I guess the Disney Channel wanted to make room for some of their newer shows (such as that one about the tech-savvy talking dog… what was it called again?). But why did they really cancel it? At a time where […]

My Summer Favourites!

Inspired by Savannah’s post about her favourite things for June, I decided to write my own post, showcasing my Summer favourites! I’m going to share some of my favourite products and misc. things I’ve been loving so far this summer. First, is makeup and hair. My favourites for eyes include Maybelline Great Lash mascara, AVON […]

Summer Style: The Perfect Manicures

As Savannah mentioned in an earlier post, summer is just around the corner. A lot of awesome things are happening in June, such as the release of Miley Cyrus’ new song, the end of the school year, and more! Summer also means ACCESSORIZING! And what better thing to talk about than the perfect manicures for […]