Demi Lovato’s New Music Video: “Let It Go”

There’s a new Disney movie coming to theatres soon, called “Frozen”! And, as typical with Disney movies, a famous star usually records one or two songs for the soundtrack 🙂 This is exactly what Demi Lovato has done! She’s come back to where she started, as an actress/singer for Disney Channel, and recorded a new […]

Demi Lovato “Made In The USA” video teasers

It’s official: Demi Lovato’s new single will be “Made In The USA”, with the music video premiering next Wednesday (July 17th). The first teaser for the video was posted on Demi’s official YouTube channel last Wednesday, with the 2nd teaser following shortly after.     So, what do you think of the video teasers? Do […]

Music Review: ‘DEMI’

I’ve been a fan of Demi Lovato ever since June 20th, 2008. That day was when I watched Camp Rock for the very first time. That was the day I became a Lovatic (in other words, one of Demi’s biggest fans). In fact, I’m such a big fan of her that when I was shopping […]

Awesome premiere last night – Sonny with a chance

There was an awesome Family Channel premiere last night. It’s called Sonny with a chance. I like the show because it stars Demi Lovato from Camp Rock. It was the best show in the entire world! My Dad watched the beginning and then left because he thought that Dolphin Boy was the star of the […]