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Thanks for checking out my website, A Kid’s Point Of View! I started blogging in March 2009 with a post about the new (at the time) TV show, Sonny With A Chance. Since then, I’ve published over 160 entries covering topics such as music, what’s popular where I live, and other things like that.

Yeah, “other things like that.” What a GREAT way to introduce people to this blog.

I’m a country girl at heart, AS MUCH AS I DENY IT (I kinda prefer Converse and Top 40 to cowgirl boots and country). My parents are always telling me, “Oh, you’re a country girl. You just won’t admit it.” And truth is, although I do live in the country, with 7 horses, I’m still TECHNICALLY a city girl (interest-wise, that is).

Even though I have a pair of pink cowgirl boots. And I’m a diehard Taylor Swift fan. But that doesn’t really count; ’cause Taylor’s not REALLY a country artist!

Moving on… I’m super psyched you decided to check out my blog, and I really hope you enjoy the posts that my friend and I have made on here over the past 5– or something like that– years. Oh, and before you start browsing, there’s one last little request I have for you…

Don’t Lose Yourself (Acoustic)