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polished.tv profile picSo, where do I start? I’m Anna-Marie. Blogger, writer, and fashion / makeup enthusiast. Just a typical teenage girl trying to find my place, all while writing on this blog.

I have 16 (yes, 16) pets (5 cats, a dog, 3 llamas, and 7 horses) and I live in the country (I kinda prefer Converse and Top 40 to cowgirl boots and country, though). How’s life in the country, you ask? Honestly, it’s amazing. The only thing I don’t understand is why we only have one radio station out here that isn’t country.

I was born prematurely (you can read my story about that on I’mAFighter.org and pbskids.org), and I’ve been writing about my experiences for as long as I can remember. I’m really shy (though this past year I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot more), so I feel that writing helps me to express my feelings. That, and music.

I’m not going to deny it; I was bullied for a while because of my differences, but I’ve learned to not let what other people say get to me. Going back to what I mentioned in the above paragraph, writing and music made me feel better about what I went through.

Along with writing on this blog, I also am a regular contributor to the Polished blog. I write there about 1-3 times a week (depending on my schedule) on various topics, but mostly focusing on beauty / fashion. You can find all my posts from there on the “Polished” page (under the “Welcome” section in the top menu).

I hope you enjoy reading the posts on this blog, and feel free to comment on any of the posts :)